Ontario to Provide York Regional Police with $3.7 Million in Funding Over the Next Three Years

Funds allocated to three projects emphasizing community safety

AURORA, ON, January 19, 2024 – The Ontario government is providing $3.7 million over the next three years to the York Regional Police to help in three key areas to continue the province’s plan to help protect communities, support victims of crime and keep people safe. Funding is being allocated through: Ontario’s Bail Compliance and Warrant Apprehension (BCWA) Grant Program, the Proceeds of Crime Front-Line Policing (POC-FLP) Grant program, and the province’s $208 million provincial investment into enhancing the 9-1-1 response program.

“York Regional Police welcomes the financial support of the province to address the issue of violent, repeat offenders who continue to commit crime while out on bail, as well as assisting us in expanding our targeted response to hate crime in our community,” said Chief Jim MacSween. “We know these issues are of concern to the community and we are committed to resolving them through funding these new programs.”

Bail Compliance and Warrant Apprehension (BCWA) Grant

Ontario is providing $2.4 million over the next three years to help prevent repeat and violent offenders from committing serious crimes while out on bail. This funding will be used in the Creation of dedicated bail compliance and warrant apprehension teams to manage offenders on probation, federal and provincial parole, and community supervision orders. These teams will be able to monitor, locate and charge offenders who are not in compliance.

The funding will also help with training and equipment for officers assigned to these teams, as well as centralizing bail intake cases from individual districts to High-Risk Offender Unit to for greater efficiency and improved dissemination of bail/warrant breaches to frontline officers.

Proceeds of Crime Front-Line Policing (POC-FLP) Grant

Ontario is fighting back against crime in by investing $300,00 in crime prevention initiatives. The funds, forfeited to the province as proceeds of crime following criminal prosecutions, will be used to support of York Regional Police’s “Project United.”

The project aims to use a multifaceted approach to tackle the rise of hate crime in York Region – this includes specialized training for officers, increased community outreach, and conferences, forums, and educational resources provided to York Region students.

Next Generation 9-1-1

Ontario is investing $1,051,354 in York Region to enable significant technology and infrastructure upgrades to support the transition to a new 9-1-1 communications system known as Next Generation 9-1-1.

York Regional Police are working in partnership with the Region of York to facilitate the transition to NG911, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted service delivery.

The NG911 system will include interactive mapping, auto call-back/text-back features and a stand-alone facility for dispatchers and call-takers.

“The Region of York is pleased to partner with York Regional Police and the Province of Ontario in addressing crime and hate crime in our community,” said Regional Chair and Chair of the Police Services Board Wayne Emmerson. “Our citizens appreciate a co-ordinated approach to support victims of crime and to ensure our Region remains among the safest in Canada.”

Our government is proud of our partnership with the York Regional Police as they continue to address crimes that undermine the security of our communities, including hate crimes and crimes committed by persons on bail. YRP is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all our residents in York Region. This funding will enable us to increase efforts in preventing hate crimes and further protect our neighbourhoods.

  • Michael Parsa, MPP for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill

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In our unwavering commitment to community safety, we proudly invest $3.7 million in the York Regional Police. Sourced from Proceeds of Crime and Bail Reform Projects, this substantial funding is vital for addressing crucial priorities. It reinforces our dedication to combating hate crimes, enhancing the justice system, and empowering first responders. This significant investment reflects our steadfast resolve to provide essential resources for police services, ensuring a safer Ontario for all.

  • Paul Calandra, MPP for Markham-Stouffville

This is an investment for the York Regional Police and all the people they serve. With this funding, we will continue to combat hate crimes, strengthen bail enforcement, and streamline a more efficient emergency response system. This will continue to ensure the safety of families and communities across York Region.

  • Michael Tibollo, MPP for Vaughan-Woodbridge.

These investments prove our government is taking action to keep violent criminals in jail. With this support for the York Regional Police, we are equipping our heroic front-line responders with the tools they need. If an individual is out on bail, they need to follow the rules. This new funding will prevent violent offenders from endangering our communities.

  • Caroline Mulroney, MPP for York-Simcoe

Our heartfelt appreciation extends to the dedicated men and women of York Regional Police, who tirelessly work to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. Their exemplary service deserves recognition, and this investment reflects our collective commitment to providing them with the resources needed to excel in their mission. This announcement signifies more than just financial support; it represents a shared vision for a better future. Together, with the dedicated efforts of York Regional Police, we are building a stronger Ontario—one where safety, community, and progress go hand in hand.

  • Daisy Wai, MPP for Richmond Hill

York Regional Police have been steadfast in their commitment to keeping our community safe. This $3.7 million will enhance access to justice, keep dangerous criminals in jail, and combat the rise in hate crime. This funding underscores our government’s commitment to working shoulder-to-shoulder with our safety partners to build a safer York Region – and Ontario, for everyone.

  • Laura Smith, MPP for Thornhill

Community safety is rated in the top three priorities by the residents in York Region. I am proud of our government’s investment of $3.7 million to the York Regional Polices services as this reiterates our goal to ensure the safety and security of the people and property of the residents of Newmarket—Aurora and across York Region. This funding will provide York Regional Police with the advanced tools and training they need to continue their exemplary services in our fight to combat hate crimes, to enable important technology and infrastructure upgrades, and be able to efficiently monitor and enforce bail conditions.

  • Dawn Gallagher Murphy, MPP for Newmarket-Aurora

Families and seniors in King-Vaughan and across York Region deserve safe streets, which is why our government is taking action to combat crime by providing the York Regional Police (YRP) with additional funding. This investment in the YRP will help to tackle hate crimes and improve bail enforcement so repeat offenders face the full force of the law. We are delivering on our promise to support and invest in more frontline police officers to keep families safe.

  • Stephen Lecce, MPP for King-Vaughan

This significant $3.7 million investment in York Regional Police through the Bail Compliance and Warrant Apprehension Grant epitomizes our government’s unwavering commitment to public safety. By funding specialized units and cutting-edge technology, we are enhancing the capabilities of our police services to effectively monitor and enforce bail conditions, ensuring that high-risk offenders are held accountable. This initiative, part of a broader $112 million investment, demonstrates our resolve to protect communities and uphold justice in Ontario.

  • Logan Kanapathi, MPP for Markham-Thornhill

This substantial investment towards York Regional Police is a significant boost for community safety in Markham-Unionville and across the entire York Region. It will undoubtedly empower our police force to continue their excellent work and foster a secure environment for everyone.

  • Billy Pang, MPP of Markham-Unionville


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